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The Alien That Moved in Next Door

Here's another one of my rhyming stories for my 'The That' Picture Book series which I'll be sending out to publishers in the million to one chance they may be interested. Anyway, it's a sweet story with a very serious underlying message. I hope you enjoy it.

The Alien That Moved In Next Door


Carl Ashmore

A month ago an alien

Moved in next door to me.

He’s tall and green and waves a lot,

And certainly friendly.

With six long limbs and one big eye,

And fingers just like twigs.

He’s got no ears, an egg-like head,

And a nose just like a pig’s.

His spaceship crashed into a field

About a year ago.

And people longed to meet him then,

Now they just don’t want to know.

No mechanic could fix his ship,

So the town council agreed.

That they should put him in a house,

And they did, right next to me.

He likes to wander round the park,

Eating an ice cream cone.

But people seem to think he’s strange,

So he goes home on his own.

And one day when I climbed a tree,

I slipped and down I fell.

In a flash, he leapt the fence,

And caught me. All was well.

From that moment we’ve been great friends,

And chatter all the time.

But I know that he gets baffled,

When we talk about mankind.

He doesn’t get why we have wars,

Or why people sleep on streets.

Or why we throw our food away,

While so many barely eat.

He doesn’t get why we’re so mean,

Or why we fight and vent.

He doesn’t get why people laugh,

At those who’re different.

Then something happened yesterday,

A fire broke out in town.

A block of flats was all ablaze,

And burning to the ground.

A mum and son were stuck inside

Their bedroom way up high.

The firemen could not stop the fire,

Despite how hard they tried.

The alien he saw the smoke,

And raced out of his home.

He sprinted to the tower block,

And charged in all alone.

The flames were all around him,

He didn’t seem to care.

His skin was thick; it didn't burn,

As he powered up the stairs.

He reached the room on the top floor,

And grabbed the mum and son.

Then leapt out of the window,

To the shock of everyone.

He tumbled down just like a stone,

Clasping his rescuees.

But he was strong and powerful,

And landed on his feet.

The crowd could not believe it,

Mum and son were both okay.

They cheered and clapped and whooped and roared,

My friend had saved the day.

So if an alien moves in next door,

Especially one with six limbs.

Be kind to him, though he’s different to you,

Because you are different to him.

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