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At fourteen, Zak Fisher’s lived an unusual life. He’s an orphan, he’s never been ill, he’s stronger, faster, smarter than his schoolmates and he’s been raised by a succession of foster families that have taught him things most kids his age don’t learn.

However, when he’s attacked by the terrifying Mothmen his life changes forever. Saved by a modern day Templar Knight, he’s taken to an ancient monastery where he meets three other teenage orphans - Dunk, Sarah and Leah - who have lived equally strange lives to his.

Soon, Zak finds himself a key player in a four thousand year old war between Earth and Hell. But what part does he play in this secret war? And what’s his connection to an ancient prophecy?

The answers can be found in the thrilling novel for children from Carl Ashmore, the author of the acclaimed ‘Time Hunters’ series.

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