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Over the last month, when not writing 'Zak Fisher and the Angel Prophecy', I've written three verse stories for young children that are part of what I call 'The That' Series of books. These are designed to be PICTURE BOOKS and I'm approaching Agents/Publishers with them to see if they can attract any interest. Here's hoping...

Anyway, I thought I'd post the first one for you parents out there. They're designed to be read to children between the ages of 3 - 7. I think it's a rather sweet story about - well, a star that doesn't twinkle. I hope you and your kids enjoy it.

Let me know what you think :)



By Carl Ashmore

Now if you look up into the sky,

On a clear and moonlit night.

You’ll see a star that doesn't twinkle,

A star that’s just not bright.

He doesn’t shimmer, shine or blaze,

There’s no flickering for him.

That little star’s called Darren,

And he’s really rather dim.

The stars around him tease him,

They laugh and say he’s strange.

But Darren just ignores them,

He knows that he can’t change.

So glum and feeling lonely,

He looks down upon us all.

And watches all the people,

Even though they look quite small.

He likes to watch the oceans,

The mountains and the streams.

He likes to watch the children play,

And see them eat their greens.

He likes to watch the horses run,

And see the lions pace.

There’s not much else to do all day,

When you’re way out there in space.

But then one day he spied a sight,

That filled him full of hope.

A little boy was watching him,

Through a giant telescope.

So Darren smiled and shouted, ‘Hi!’

And waved with all his might.

The boy just screamed and fell off his chair,

At such a startling sight.

From behind his palms, he peeked again,

And Darren had to say,

‘Soz ‘bout that, I really am,

But I so want you to stay.

You see, no one ever looks at me,

Because I just don’t shine.

I know that I’m a rubbish star,

But could be your friend in time.’

‘H-Hello… I’m Timmy B-Blackmore,’

The boy stammered his reply.

‘And I didn’t know that stars could talk,

So excuse me if I’m shy.’

‘Oh, yes, we can,’ Darren said at once.

‘There’s lots that we can do.

We can sing and dance and wave and hum,

And pull daft faces too.’

As Timmy laughed, his expression changed,

And a tear formed in his eye.

‘Are you okay? Darren asked, concerned.

‘You weren’t supposed to cry.’

‘I’m sorry,’ Timmy said, as he mopped his face.

‘But it’s not to do with you.

You see my daddy has gone away,

And I miss him through and through.’

‘So where’s he gone? And when will he be back?’

Darren asked in a gentle way.

‘Actually he’s gone to space,

But he’ll be back again one day.

He’s an astronaut and he has a ship,’

Timmy said in his proudest tone.

‘And he’s looking for a new planet,

‘One perhaps we can call our home.’

‘Then I promise you, I’ll ask around,’

Darren replied assuredly.

‘Maybe another star has spotted him,

Somewhere in the galaxy.’

And Darren kept his word it’s true,

He asked everyone he could.

He asked moons and comets and asteroids,

But the news was never good.

Each day, when it was sun set,

In Timmy’s room they’d meet.

And talk for many fun-filled hours, Until Timmy fell asleep.

Now this went on for quite some time,

Their friendship grew and grew.

And star and boy became as one,

As best friends often do.

Then one night Darren heard a sound,

One he’d never heard before.

And from the deep dark blackness,

Came a spaceship’s deafening roar.

The spaceship zoomed toward him,

Faster than any plane.

And suddenly it was landing,

On Darren’s soft and green terrain.

A spaceman left the capsule,

Beaming from ear to ear.

‘This is it… I’ve found the planet.

I think that’s very clear.

There’s water here aplenty,

And air that we can breathe.

There’s soil to make our food grow.

Yes, there’s everything we need.’

And as the spaceman began to dance,

Darren was amazed by what he saw.

The name badge on the spaceman’s suit

Read Captain John Blackmore.

‘And now I’m heading straight back home!’

Captain Blackmore yelled with glee.

‘So I can see my wife again,

And my perfect son, Timmy.’

Darren could not believe it,

He was a planet, not a star.

And Timmy could come and live on him,

And they’d never have to part.

So when you look into the sky,

And see a star that doesn’t glow.

It could be Darren, your new friend,

The nicest planet you know.

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